The Women's Resource Centre

The Resource Centre was first established in 1992. Most of the work involving women's issues was done voluntarily. As there was a great demand to deal with women's issues, full-time staff were employed and a building was erected.


Today the Centre has two buildings: an office and a shelter for women involved in domestic violence.


Not only does the shelter help women in trouble, but also families with transport to and from hospitals, shopping, disabilities, catering for functions, counselling and any other family needs.



The Yarrabah Health Team was in operation since 1992. In total they have five full-time workers and eight part-time workers.

There are many health issues here that has been recognised. Some of the issues are: Rheumatic Fever, Blood Pressure and Sugar Diabetes.

Services provided are Box Jelly-fish stings, Health & Hygiene, School Health, Nutrition, Men & Women's issues.


Yarrabah Schools


Yarrabah has a Pre-Primary School and a High School up to year10.


Altogether about 570 very bright students attend school. As well as educational programs, the school has put together other incentive programs to get the students to come to school every day to learn.


The School has its own greenhouse, farm animals (pigs, fowls, goats, cows, geese) and language programs where the students are learning their own language.


The library is fully computerised for taking out and returning books and the High School has its own Web site (


Like most Murri kids the children are always very good at any sport and are not afraid of any challenge. As often as possible they go to Cairns to play against other schools.


 If you would like any further information please contact us


Yarrabah Aboriginal Council

Telephone: + 61 7 4056 9120

Fax: + 61 7 40 56 9167

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