The Yarrabah Pottery has been in operation since 1990. There are two full-time workers and five part-time workers who work two days a week. Some of the local works are sold in the museum, Tjapukai in Cairns and locally. They specialise in making cups, mugs, plates, bowls, vases, ashtrays and jugs. They use two different ways of shaping and moulding clay, either by hand or on a wheel.



The Yarrabah Arts & Crafts has been in operation since 1994. They have one full-time worker and two part-time workers. All their materials are ordered through the Community Council, then given to the Arts & Craft Centre on arrival. The articles they make are headbands, woven baskets, place mats, hula skirts and curtains.


 If you would like to purchase any of these items please contact us


Yarrabah Aboriginal Council

Telephone: + 61 7 4056 9120

Fax: + 61 7 40 56 9167

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