Back in the early 1970s, we used to have only one group as Council and that was the Kardu Numida, which means one group of people. But now things have changed. Every year we elect a president, vice president and fourteen councillors, two from each language group.


Wadeye Council

Every morning the Council people come and meet at the office, so that they can sort everything out. After that they go and see that people are doing their jobs.

Sometimes the older people (we call them Melmelmel, which means the leaders) take the young men and women out bush and teach them what they must do to help in their future. We are learning both ways, whitefella and blackfella ways.

We keep the good and hard blackfella rule - for example the young boys must listen to the old men and the young girls must listen to the old women. Whatever the Council says, we have to obey that law because if we don't we get into trouble.

The Council's job is to look after the Port Keats community and to help young boys and girls to live a better life.

Some of the Wadeye Council Staff

Wadeye Traditional Credit Union


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